Ethics of Algorithms

NSF IIS-1338205 EESE: 

Role: CO-PI

In this National Science Foundation funded research we aim to both bridge silos between philosophical and social scientific approaches to ethics in order to develop an integrated theoretical approach to ethics. Such a theoretical approach simultaneously identifies the analytical, moral reasoning that is happening during the conceptualization and design phase as well as critically analyzes the interplay between an individual’s personal ethics and values and the ethics and values created by aspects of policies, institutional, economic, and cultural contexts. We take an upstream view of design by focusing on the requirements behind conceptualizing and writing algorithms.

See the announcement in the Drexel University College of Arts and Sciences newsletter –

Investigating Social Media’s Role in Law Enforcement and Community Policy Case Study: The Dallas Police Department

I am working with Lauri Stevens of LAwS Communication and the Dallas Police Department and community to better understand their communication needs and how social media may be used more effectively to create a climate of collaboration and sharing among officers and the public.

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