I teach face to face, hybrid, and online courses. Teaching is of primary importance to me and I value the learning opportunities I receive from my students as well as being able to provide learning experiences to them.


Introduction to Criminal Justice

Crime Prevention Planning

Crime and Public Policy

Technology in the Justice System

Surveillance, Technology, and Law

Advanced Criminological Theorizing

Elementary Statistics

Database Design 

Issues in Information Policy

Introduces students to the fundamentals of information policy, through examination of particular issues such as: privacy, intellectual property, access, and security. Students will gain an understanding of the historical foundations of information policy, read and evaluate information policies, discuss key components of information policies, and create an information policy for an organization or government entity.


Introduction to Information Systems

Introduction to concepts and applications of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) as applied throughout library and information science. Topics include the structure of information systems, hardware and software concepts, basic principles of system analysis and design, and contemporary applications of computers in organizational environments.

Information Ethics

Information Policy 

Provides an introduction to the fundamentals and issues of information policy: including an introduction to fundamental policies in early and recent government documents and issues relating to the practical development and implement of information policies for a variety of organizations, companies and governments.

US Government Information

Studies the nature of United States federal government documents and techniques for their acquisition, organization, and use.

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